Special Services Unit

Special Services Unit
These units provide services to travelers because of its difficult disease to need special care and attention, such as pregnant women, mothers who have recently undergone surgery, elderly, etc. have been launched. The awareness of such cases to the unit allows for convenient and better services to be provided to such passengers.

Some of these services can be mentioned the following:
(1) the transfer of older passengers by wheelchair and patient transport devices and select the appropriate seat inside the plane
2. Select the transfer of passengers blind and proper seat inside the plane
(3) the transfer of deaf and select the perfect seat passengers aboard the plane
4. the transfer of fractures members and passengers have the right cabin seat selection for such travelers
5. the transfer of unaccompanied children and their delivery to the appropriate hostesses and cabin seat selection

Obviously the availability of such passengers will help the company to better service for passengers comfort during the flight should be introduced.