Why are you Choosing us ? .

The will and intention of Saman Air Services since its inception has been to maximize the abilities, facilities and Company equipments being backed by a proper management structure in the direction of providing a well organized, Safe and Secure Airport Ground Services in all the Airports where Services are to be conducted.  

The equipments of Saman Air Services in the beginnings were made up of approximately 300 pieces of machineries (now being increased to 1500 pieces) with 100 employees in the administration section,(currently being increased to 200 personnel) and around 900 employees in its operational section,(now being over 2000 personnel) as a progressed handling company to conduct its Services.

Such increase in personnel and equipments of the company was affected from increasing the traffic of Passenger and Cargo in most Airports throughout the Country.

In our views, the real reason that local and international Airline Companies maintain a positive opinion towards our Airport ground handling Services, is because there has been a great improvements in attracting new customers as it is well documented and shown in the records within recent years.The expansion of providing Services to more Domestic and International Airlines on one side and making its at most effort in providing a more organized, fast, Safe and Secure Services has always been some of the main objectives of Saman Air Services.