Payam Station

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The altitude of the airport is 4170 feet above mean sea level

with a length of 3659 meters and a width of 60 meters, and PCN75, which accepts heavy aircrafts. The area of the apron (airline park) is 128 thousand square meters, with 9 stations And lighting


International Airport is located in Alborz province, Karaj

Payam airport

Karaj International Airport is located as one of the airports of the Iranian Air Border, which operates 24 hours a day and is located in the Karaj province of Alborz. The airport was opened and operated in the year 1371 to carry out postal and air cargo operations

Runway And Movement Area Due to the long overdue construction of the runway and movement area, the upgrading of the runway and its new asphalt pavement is on the agenda and is underway. The runway has a Lighting system that will be purchased in conjunction with the addition of passenger flights and development plans for the new lighting and runway system, and will begin its installation and commissioning operations in the year. Due to the absence of natural and handicrafts obstacles around the Payam Airport, Payam is one of the safest airports in the country

Navigation devices The DVOR / DME and NDB devices are currently operational and the ILS / DME system is in the startup phase after installation

Radio devices Call recording systems, switching systems, radio and communication systems and other equipment currently in use

Flight control tower This unit provides around 250 flights Daily and other aviation services and is one of the most busiest airports in terms of flight number in Iran. It is worth noting that the Flight Plan service is also provided by the Aviation Network Unit . In addition to coverage of the airport's flights, the flight surveillance tower also covers the Kordan Hellicopters Airport and the Police Airport

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